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Ring holder for volume ring/ Homeware / black

Ring holder for volume ring/ Homeware / black

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A ring holder perfect for displaying cuff-if's volume rings.

Commercially available ring holders often have their distinctive imaginary stone parts facing downwards, so we created a special ring holder from scratch.

A ring holder with an angle that makes a large imaginary stone stand out. A voluminous ring with a story to tell, it would also be wonderful to display it as an object. Even if you use it with other trays.

[Price is for one ring holder]

Material: JESMONITE® , brass (logo plate)
full length: Approximately 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm Height 5.0 cm (Please check the reference photo)

Weight: Approx. 35 g *1 100 yen coin = approx. 5 g

A product made from JESMONITE®, a water-based resin whose main ingredients are gypsum and marble particles. The surface has a smooth marble-like texture.

Each piece is handmade. Due to the nature of the material, bubbles may appear on the surface. The image is a sample.
For Japan: Ships via "Letter Pack Plus" (no additional shipping charge)



Cuff-if's original "fantasy stone". We make them one by one.
Resin is a high-quality material with high transparency like glass. The refractive index is almost the same as that of glass.

In general, petroleum-derived resins are distributed, but cuff-if uses plant-derived resins that are less harmful to the human body and environmentally friendly, and reduce the environmental impact during production and disposal.


Jesmonite (JESMONITE®) mainly used for production at Homeware
It is a water-based resin that does not contain any organic solvents or VOCs, and unlike petroleum-derived resins that have been widely used, it is known as a three-dimensional molding material that is less harmful to the human body and friendly to the environment.


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About product characteristics and materials

Because all items are handmade, the colors and patterns may vary depending on the item, even if they have the same design. In addition, each "imaginary stone" made one by one from resin or glass has individual differences in color, pattern, air bubbles, texture, etc.

No two natural stones are exactly the same in shape and color, and some may contain shallow scratches, internal cracks, and inclusions. Please understand this as a characteristic and taste of natural stone.

Although the product is manufactured to maintain its original condition as much as possible, it may discolor (yellowing) over time if exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time, so after use, wipe off sweat and dirt with a soft cloth. We recommend storing it in a dark place.

Metal products tend to dull when exposed to air, so we recommend storing them in a zip bag after cleaning.

The color and texture of the actual product may differ depending on the PC monitor/display environment.

    Regarding handling of products after purchase <br>Jewelry is extremely delicate. It is susceptible to shock, friction, pressure, etc., and pulling too hard may cause damage. Please handle with care.

    If you store or carry it with other jewelry, the coating may peel off or parts may come off due to rubbing.

    After purchase, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience. Please ask in advance if you have any concerns.

    We also accept repairs. For more information, please check " Repairs and replacement of metal fittings, etc. "

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      Please check the delivery method and shipping charges for details.

      Our store cannot be held responsible for any accidents such as damage or loss during transportation.

        About wrapping
        All products are shipped in original boxes and packaging, but if you are considering it as a gift , we can prepare a wrapping kit for an additional fee .

          Regarding notifications at the time of purchase
          Your mobile phone email address may be set to not accept emails from your computer. If you are set to refuse to receive e-mail from PC, please cancel it before purchasing .

          You will receive an order confirmation email immediately after purchase. If you do not receive a notification email, please check your settings as it may be set to refuse to receive email from your PC or may be marked as spam.

            Measures against metal allergies and comfort ▷About earrings
            The gold-colored metal fittings are made of brass with an 18-karat gold coating (nickel-free), and the rhodium-colored (silver-colored) metal fittings are made of brass with a rhodium coating (nickel-free). All products are processed in high quality Japanese factories.
            It also comes with a silicone cover so that even those with metal allergies can wear it with confidence.
            A spare silicone cover is also included in case you lose it.
              ▷About earrings
              Both the earring post and earring catch are set with medical stainless steel catches.
              In addition, several types of catches are included, such as a disc-shaped stainless steel earring catch (which prevents the earring body from facing downwards) and a silicone catch, which can be used as a spare in case you lose your earrings.

                Common materials (earrings/piercings) are also detailed.

                ▷Other items
                All cuff-if original parts such as ring bases, ear cuff bodies, necklace and bracelet bases are made with metal allergies in mind. Please check the material description section of each product for details.

                  Care Instructions

                  All products are handmade and made one by one. Due to the nature of the material, each piece has a different look due to chipping and color differences caused by air bubbles on the surface.

                  Although it has a water-resistant coating, it is not intended for use around water. In the unlikely event that it gets wet with water, gently wipe it off with a soft cloth.
                  Please be careful not to drop it as it may cause chipping or damage.

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                  We mainly develop items such as jewelry trays, plates, and ring holders.

                  We are producing products that are close to the theme "Antiques from another world".

                  We mainly use JESMONITE® and plant-derived resins, which are harmless to the human body and friendly to the environment, and can reduce the environmental burden on the earth.