Tips for wear and remove clip-on earrings / storage / maintenance

When worn correctly, cuff-if earrings are hard to fall off and painless.

We use stepless clip-on earring fittings that fit the thickness of the customer's earlobe instead of a snap-on spring type.
I hope you can grasp the art of wearing and enjoy wearing earrings.

Comfortable way to wear and remove earrings

How to wear

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1. Open the earring fitting and place the fitting on the bulge in the center of the earlobe.



2. Pinch it tightly until your ears feel a little painful (about 5 seconds).


3. When you let go of your hand, the earlobe is fixed in place and held as it is (after a while after wearing it, it will become more familiar with your ears and will not come off easily).
* Do not remove the attached silicone as it will reduce the holding power.

4.Pull the earring downward to see if it will fall off. If it is firmly fixed, it will not fall off even if you pull it . If it falls out of your ear, start over from 1.


How to remove

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1. Put your hand on the clasp behind the earlobe, open the clasp and gently remove it.

Pulling down on the earring body will not remove it, so if you pull the body forcibly, the earring decoration may be damaged.

After use, keep the earring clasp (the part with the silicone cover) open as shown in the image.


If you store the earring closed, the moving part of the earring will be overloaded and the force to pinch the earlobe may be weakened.


Maintenance method that can be done at home

If you feel that the pinching force is weakening. You can easily adjust it with pliers at home. Please check the points below the video.

As shown in the video, first open the earring clasp downwards (this is the important point!) and then tighten the moving parts of the clasp vertically and horizontally with pliers.

The power to pinch the earrings will be stronger.

Also, as shown in the second half of the video (0:33~), you can easily tighten it with a weak force by pinching it with the base of the pliers.

*Pinching with pliers with serrations can easily damage the metal fittings, so it is safer to put a piece of cloth in between or wrap tape around the serrations of the pliers before tightening.

If maintenance by yourself is difficult, we also accept repairs (you will be responsible for the round-trip shipping and packaging materials).

For details, please refer to Repair/Replacement of Metal Fittings .