*An imaginary stone produced in the early days. The production concept has not changed.


The beginning is in the books of childhood

Ever since I was little, I would read books and daydream by myself. From old stories to fairy tales and picture books. Among them, Kenji Miyazawa made a particularly strong impression.

   Topaz spills and scatters
   Falling onto the leaves of the violet below,
   And then it sparkled and rolled
   I dived into the bottom of the grass.

                'The Ten Powers' Diamond

A piece of phlogopite from ``Yamanashi'', a light paraffin from ``Spring and Shura'', and a phosphorescent triangular marker from ``Night on the Galactic Railway.''

Words that are a little difficult for children to understand. Even so, the scene unfolding vividly before my eyes had a rich texture to it.

As a child, I had acquired my own personal sceneries, and when I read Kenji's fairy tales, I created many stones in my head and played with the characters from the fairy tales.

For example, the ore he and Giovanni dug up on the riverbed at Galaxy Station, or the flickering of pale moonlight seen from the riverbed with a family of crabs.


antiques from another world

A brilliance that looks like fragments of light trapped in a single stone, coming from stars far, far away in the universe.

By applying light coloring to the resin material, we transform these childhood fantasies into sparkling stones that seem to have life in them.



Based on the ``imaginary stones'' created one by one by hand, we combine natural materials such as minerals to create accessories.


Because I want you to wear it for a long time. Adornments that can be changed.

We make each piece with passion, so we want you to enjoy it together with the creator for a long time.
"Accessories that can be changed" have been developed since the beginning of cuff-if.
Most of the items are designed so that they can be changed.

First, I'd like to pick one item that I like. Next, buy more items that you like and combine them with the items you purchased earlier.
Create your own setup by using the items you already have as a base and matching them with other items.

Buy more without discarding, and continue using it forever

This is the result with that in mind.

Personally, I want to live in a world where there is less burden on the global environment, less damage to animals and plants, and no sacrifices are made in the production process, and I want to make that choice myself, so I am taking action as much as possible.

However, as long as we produce things, we are placing a burden on the global environment. It may be said that not producing anything is the most sustainable option.

Each item has a meaning, and as you continue to use it for a long time, it becomes even more profound.

Buy more without discarding, and continue using it forever

As someone who creates things, I believe that advocating for such accessories is one of the ways to realize a sustainable society.

As a creator myself, I want to grow old with my customers, aiming for sustainable ways to use and wear them.

Accessories that age with us, not consumed in a short period of time.

All cuff-ifs are made in Japan. We bring you delicate Japanese craftsmanship.




Designer/Maker: YAMAKAWA Shoko

In 2017, he began making accessories mainly using imaginary stones, which he had created through self-teaching, with the image of ``light moving at the bottom of water bathed in moonlight.'' The image of ``light moving at the bottom of water bathed in moonlight'' is from Kenji Miyazawa's fairy tale ``Yamanashi''.

The impetus for making this piece was that the creator had a metal allergy and was unable to wear the antique/vintage jewelry he had collected for many years.

We started "upcycling" by disassembling such jewelry into parts and using the disassembled parts to create new jewelry and accessories that can be used by people with metal allergies.

The brand name is Triple Meaning.

1. Freely imagine and combine ``ear cuff'', which is a generic term for earrings. From the coined word ``cuff-if'', which is made by adding ``if'' to make it possible.
2. A passage from Kenji Miyazawa's fairy tale ``Yamanashi,'' which is an influence, sounds similar to a passage from ``Crambon wakapu kapulaughed.''
3. Anagrams of the names of the creator's family members (dogs and cats). When the two names are mixed, the Japanese reading is "Kahuifu".

  Launch 'cuff-if' in September 2017
  January 2018 POP UP STORE at Lumine Shinjuku
  January 2019 POP UP STORE at Nagoya PARCO (Nagoya City)
  October 2019 Exhibited at the joint exhibition “PLUG IN” (Shibuya Hikarie 9F Hikarie Hall)
  Limited time offer at Ginza Kabuki-za in December 2019
  January 2020 Oshima Tsumugi Museum of Art (Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture) begins handling obidome
  December 2020 Exhibited at NEW JEWELRY / JEWELRY WEEK 2020 (Hakata Hankyu Venue)