Tips for wear and remove ear cuff

We created cuff-if original ear cuffs with a focus on 'hard to fall off', 'hard to hurt' and 'easy to remove'.
You can also attach our interchangeable charms.

For those who are new to wearing ear cuffs, or those who are worried that they cannot be worn well, hurt, or fall off.

We were like that when we first wear ear cuffs.  Our original ear cuff was created to solve the problem of ear cuffs . 

Here are some tips on where to wear it on and how to wear it on and remove it.

Basic wearing position
Hook the tip of the ear cuff inside the ear (at the position of the ear hole).

Hook the part circled in red in the image below to the inside of the ear (position of the ear hole). There is a return like a red circle, so if you hook it, it will stay.


↑  images of combination of interchangeable charms ↑


If the ear cuffs are layered or if you have large earlobes, please slide the ear cuffs outward as shown in the image below.


How to wear and tips (video)
For those who are already familiar with ear cuffs, there are many people who can easily wear various types of ear cuffs on the spot without any problems.

Because I know how to wear it.
The easiest way to put on any type of ear cuff is to gently pull the thinnest part of the ear cartilage flat and then insert the ear cuff while flat. Once you get used to it, you can easily put it on without looking in the mirror.

We have prepared a video, so please take a look.

music: "Ivy"/AYNIW TEPO, model/ Misato HORI from AYNIW TEPO


The opening of the ear cuffs can be adjusted to your liking!
A few times until you get used to wearing them, it will be easier to get the hang of it if you open the ear cuffs slightly wider and insert them.

The opening can be adjusted as shown in the photo below.

However, if you open and close the ear cuff every time you use it, it will easily break due to metal fatigue. Once you get the hang of it, we recommend fixing the opening of the ear cuffs in your own position.

*Only for cuff-if original ear cuffs. The ear cuff itself cannot be opened and closed for glass, acrylic, wooden products, etc.

How to remove (video)
It's very easy to remove. When you put it on, just flatten your ears and slide it toward the insert.

Just like when you put it on, lightly pull the thinnest part of the ear cartilage to flatten it, then slide the ear cuff to remove it.

music: "Interlude"/AYNIW TEPO, model/ Misato HORI from AYNIW TEPO

Basically any type of ear cuff is smoothest to put on and take off as explained here.

Please refer to it to enjoy wearing ear cuffs!