Changing clip-on earrings and Pierced earrings

☝︎Back side of earring fittings ☝︎
☝︎Back side of earrings fittings ☝︎

1. Pass the round ring (made of stainless steel) at the top of the charm through the earring fittings and the earring post.
2.Please wear it as is.

*Due to the difference in the shape of the connecting part, the appearance of the top of the charm will differ between earrings and pierced earrings. All sample images of items are made of earrings, except for one-of-a-kind items.

Recommended way to wear earrings

You can attach multiple charms to both the front and back of your earlobe. The metal ring of the charm that is passed through the earring post and fixed is thin, so it can be firmly fixed to the earlobe.
Also included is a disc-shaped earring catch that allows you to securely attach the charm to the back of your earlobe.

    Attach the same charm to earrings, earrings, and ear cuffs.

    [If the top of the charm interferes]

    If the top of the charm has volume (the one in the image has silver voluminous particles at the top), the top of the charm and the earring post may interfere.

    In such a case, please put the charm through the earring post from behind your ear as shown by the red arrow mark .

    The earring top and the top of the charm do not interfere and can be firmly fixed without wobbling, making it easier to wear.

    If you pass it through from the back, you can put on and take off the charm by simply removing the earring catch. You can put it on and take it off without looking in the mirror, so it's convenient when you go out.

    This is a video of changing the earrings. Three types of charms are dressed up on the same earring top.