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Galaxy floating necklace Necklace Saturn_green M

Galaxy floating necklace Necklace Saturn_green M

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The theme is "Floating". Deep-sea creatures that have remained unchanged since ancient times, lava that has cooled and solidified, and mineralized fossils. Things that float through dimensions with time frozen between the long flow of time from the past and the present.

 Each original fantasy stone is hand-colored and processed and set in an original 925 silver cabochon plate. Below that, ammonite fossils are swaying.

The chain is connected with voluminous Tibetan brass beads. Although the beads are nickel-free, we recommend that those with metal allergies wear them over high-necked clothing.

Material: imaginary stone/resin (painted, frosted),304Stainless steel (through metal fittings, jump ring), wood, natural stone, fossil (ammonite)
Materials: Glass (painted, polarized, cat's eye), 925 silver pedestal, fossil (ammonite), Tibetan brass beads, vintage beads
Chain/clasp/adjuster chain (304 stainless steel)
Total length (chain length): Approximately 70 cm to 79 cm
Weight: Approx. 96 g *1 100 yen coin = approx. 5 g
It comes in a box like the one in the image, so it is also recommended as a gift.





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