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Galaxy volume bracelet / Interchangeable / 17 [Free length change once]

Galaxy volume bracelet / Interchangeable / 17 [Free length change once]

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This is a unique item. I will send you the actual product photo.

Connect smoky quartz to the fantasy stones of the Galaxy series and Frames series. The main feature is a large imaginary stone, giving it a chic and mature look.

The cabochon plate into which the fantasy stone is set is made of brass and thickly coated with the precious metal rhodium.

The bracelet is made entirely of stainless steel except for the base, making it easy for people with metal allergies to wear.

Easy to put on quickly with one handThis is an original fastener with a magnetic clasp. Please watch the video.

You can also use it as a choker or long necklace by matching it with a dress-up bracelet chain (sold separately).
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Images and "Interchangeable Please check the item.

Material: imaginary stone / plant-derived resin (colored, polarized, frosted), Rhodium plated/brass base (rhodium-plated/nickel-free), smoky quartz, stainless steel chain, stainless steel clasp (magnet and mantle)
Total length: Inner magnet: approx. 19.5 cm Outer mantel: 20.5 cm
Weight: Approximately 34 g * 1 coin of 100 yen = approximately 5 g

It comes in a box like the one in the image, so you can use it as a gift.

Length adjustment at the time of purchase is possible.
We recommend measuring the length around your wrist by wrapping a string around it and purchasing the desired length. For details, please check the "Designated bracelet length OK/Length can be specified at time of purchase" below.








You can choose the type of fastener. Please purchase it together with the clasp of the bracelet you want to combine. If the fasteners are different, they cannot be connected.

Crab clasp clasp: A type with a clasp clasp (pull ring) on ​​both ends.
Mantel fastener: A type that inserts a T-shaped bar into a round mantel. It can be used by connecting with the VOLUME BRACELET of the mantel clasp.

The metal parts are all made of stainless steel, so you can wear it with confidence even in the sweaty summer.

Designated bracelet length OK/購入時の長さ指定可能

腕周りぴったりの長さより+4.5~5 cm位ゆとりのある長さが着脱しやすくおすすめです。 


【手首サイズ:16cm】 + 【ゆとり:4.5~5 cm】→【おすすめ長さ:20.5~21 cm】

備考欄記入=約21 cm に変更希望



詳しくは下記 One free length change/長さ変更1回無料 を参照ください。

Free length change once/サイズ変更1回無料

Material: fantasy stone/ plant-derived resin (coloring/frost processing), 304 stainless steel (through metal fittings)

Earrings: stepless type (made in Japan), brass/nickel-free processing

Earring body/catch: medical stainless steel (316L surgical stainless steel)

Common materials (ear accessories)

Total length: about 7.5~8.5 cm Top: about 2.5cmx2.5cm
Weight: Approx. 5g (including metal fittings, for one ear)

*1 100 yen coin = about 5 g


Ships within 1-10 days after confirmation of payment (excluding weekends and holidays)

Shipping within Japan <br/>All over Japan: 185 yen (free shipping for purchases over 5,000 yen)
Shipping by click post (with tracking, delivery to mailbox)

International shipping <br/>In principle, we ship by international e-packet.
Please check the shipping fee displayed at the time of purchase.





Care Instructions

Jewelry is very delicate. It is vulnerable to impact, friction, pressure, etc., and may be damaged if pulled strongly. Please treat it gently.

If you store or carry it with other jewelry, the coating may peel off or parts may come off due to rubbing.

After purchase, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience. Please ask in advance if you have any concerns.

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Kisekae series

The "Many way Custom / Kisekae" series that can be freely combined and used.

Most cuff-if items can be freely combined and changed. Many coordinations are born from one item.

These are sustainable items that can be used for a long time.