Various ways of combining items

With cuff-if, you can freely mix and match most items. This is a collection whose possibilities expand as you collect more.

Just like changing your clothes every day, enjoy changing your clothes to suit the occasion.

 Charms can be interchanged for all earrings/piercings/ear cuffs/necklaces/chokers.



☞For detailed instructions on how to change earrings/pierced earrings and charms (video included), please see How to Change Earrings/Piercings and Charms . 

 The charm connector is made of sturdy stainless steel with consideration for metal allergies.
Simply pass it through earrings/piercings/ear cuffs, chains, etc. to change your outfit.
Various colors, shapes, and items. You can enjoy your favorite combinations. 


How to (video)

A set of top and charms is presented as a gift.After that, customers often purchase additional items of their choice, making it a great gift to grow yourself.