Aftercare / Repair / Maintenance

At cuff-if, we accept repairs, replacements, and lost items so that you can use the purchased products for a long time.
If you would like to have your item repaired or altered, please check the following information and contact us using the contact form .

Repair request immediately after purchase of goods (within 2 weeks)
Although we pay close attention to the strength of our products, in the unlikely event that the product is damaged during normal use immediately after purchase (within 2 weeks), we will repair it free of charge.

Regarding repair requests after that
The customer will be responsible for actual expenses.
*If the damage is particularly severe (damage that seems impossible to repair, loss of parts such as natural stones or vintage parts that are difficult to replace, etc.), we may not be able to perform the above repairs. note that.

Repair Reference Example
・Damaged earrings/pierced earrings/replacement of earring fittings/change from earrings to earrings▷Prices vary depending on the design.
・Reproduction of one lost part ▷ Approximately half the price of the product (if only the top part is lost and the charm is not required, the price will be even cheaper if the parts can be reused)
Lost charm part ▷ ¥880~
・Damage to charm parts ▷ ¥880〜
・Cleaning of metal dirt and rust ▷ ¥880~
Recoating of 24K gold-coated products ▷ ¥2,200 and up
・Polishing service for silver925 products ▷¥1,100〜
・Refurbishment of products▷¥880〜
Earring hardware tightening▷¥550

Repairs may not be possible if parts are not in stock. note that.

    About repairs

    1. Please contact us using the contact form and provide us with a picture of the damaged item or the item's condition.Please contact either the email address on the note enclosed with the product or DM on Instagram.
    2. We will inform you of the estimated repair cost.
    3. For repairs, please mail the damaged item (including any separated parts) to the address provided.
    5. Please pay the repair fee after the repair is completed. We will then ship it to you.

      This is a fortunate opportunity. We hope that you will use it for a long time. If you have any problems other than damage, please contact us first.
      I am thinking of making a better proposal if possible.

      Please note that we do not support products that are not purchased through cuff-if.