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September 2020 has arrived. Until last year, I never thought about wearing a mask in the middle of summer.

At cuff-if, we mainly develop decorative works such as ear accessories. In particular, there are many customers who request ear accessories that are indispensable for decorating around the face, and we are especially looking to enhance our ear accessories.
Focusing on ear accessories, you can match it with your own earrings / earrings, or use it as a charm for a necklace.

This year, I would like to increase opportunities for customers to directly pick up items, and to talk directly with customers and propose items that suit each customer! , and it has been working since last year.

However, as of now, at the beginning of September, the future exhibition itself is unclear due to the corona wreck.

Recently, I have been interacting with customers via Instagram more and more, and I feel that more and more people are not wearing ear accessories themselves. Some customers say, "Even if I wear a mask, I can wear big earrings!" That's right, the congestion problem around the ears.

This time, I made a new bracelet to enhance new works other than ear accessories.

Actually, I've been working on making a new type of ring since early spring.

Due to such circumstances (?), we decided to complete the new bracelet first.

At cuff-if, there are many customers who wear ear accessories every day, so we created the bracelet with the image of "something that can be worn every day, is easy to wear, and is comfortable."

First, it is easy to wear.

A type that can be attached and detached with a traditional pull ring (crab clasp). As a result of taking a survey on Instagram, less than 70% of people chose this type. To eliminate the difficulty of wearing,

・Easy to hold using a large pull ring (crab hook)
・A charm that doubles as a weight is attached to the end of the adjuster chain so that the adjuster chain does not sway when the pull ring is fastened.

One of the charms of the pull ring type is that it can be adjusted as needed by making the bracelet larger or smaller.

It can also be changed to a type that uses a new hook that just snaps on.

Second, the material is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

All metal parts are made of stainless steel. Metal allergy develops when metals that come in contact with sweat release substances that are susceptible to allergies (ionization) and come into contact with the skin.

Therefore, there are some metals that are unlikely to cause metal allergies.

・Gold, Silver, Platinum

Among these, the most expensive gold and platinum are all gold and all platinum, which is highly effective, but the price is also amazing.

Titanium. This is said to be the least allergic. Titanium is also often used in medical devices.

However, it is very hard and also expensive. It is also rather difficult to process into jewelry and accessories, limiting its design. It is difficult to design by combining various shapes and materials.

stainless. It is also said to be less likely to cause allergies. Since it is processed to be difficult to ionize, it does not dissolve and is less likely to cause metal allergies.

It is also very hard and difficult to process like titanium, but it is cheaper than titanium. Some shapes are easy to process and design. Of the above, it is the material that is the easiest to balance.

So, cuff-if often uses stainless steel, but I chose stainless steel for this bracelet as well. Although there are restrictions on design and processing compared to the alloys used for general costume jewelry,

・Easy to wear even in the sweaty season
-Comfortable to wear all day

The shape of cuff-if's icon, the volume bracelet, has been incorporated into a design that is easy to use on a daily basis.

Like other cuff-if items, the stone is made of tempered glass and is sturdy, shock-resistant and easy to handle.

Even if you wear it all day long, it won't get in the way and you won't get tired.

It took a long time to select materials and make prototypes.

With this bracelet as a template, I would like to increase the number of items that are easy to use for new lifestyles in the future 😊

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