Utakata no Hibi, Boris Vian, Michel Gondry.

Dewdrops of fleeting plants, some rolling around, others falling and scattering.
The "DEW DROPS" series captures the fragments of such ephemeral memories of color.

Along with the renewal of the necklace, the name of the " DEW DROPS- Chloe" series has been changed to "DEW DROPS-water lily".

The production motif of this series is "water lily".
The top part of this accessory is likened to a water lily flower, and the charm part is likened to the water of a pond that spreads under the water lily.

The image below is the old one. It might be clearer here.

The upper part is the water lily flower, and the lower charm is the water that spreads under the water lily flower.

In addition, there is another strong motif.
It is based on French author Boris Vian's 1947 novel, The Bubbles of the Days.

"Utakata no Hibi", the movie version of this novel, I read the Japanese original after the screening, and the expressions are incredibly interesting! (Unfortunately, it seems that the movie has not yet been made into software.)

Putting a few drops of sunshine into your lighter, an eel coming out of a brass faucet, playing the piano and automatically mixing beautiful cocktails to match the music.

A beautiful, surreal and sometimes sad world where various shapes and colors spread in your head.

Cover of the Japanese pamphlet for the movie "Utakata no Hibi"

And a woman named Chloe ( the woman in the image above), who is a character, suffers from a strange disease that " water lilies bloom in her lungs ". This impact is strong, and it is a novel that still reminds me of the keyword "water lily".
That's how I named the series " DEW DROPS -Chloe".

This movie was made into a movie a little while ago by director Michel Gondry under the title "Mood Indigo Utakata no Hibi". This place is more famous, so many of you may know it.

Movie "Mood Indigo" Borrowed from Yahoo! Japan movie

Director Michel Gondry is a famous film director for the movie "Eternal Sunshine". In the past, he created innovative images for music videos (promotional videos) every time, and he was also a director who became a hot topic each time.

All of the PVs are unique and have a really strong impact.

Even though I'm in this world, I'm being dragged here and there by another world. It's like being forced back and forth through time and space...

The world I live in now is everything, and when fantasy and the real world intersect, I wonder if I'll feel a strong sense of incongruity or "getting stuck".
He's my favorite director, and I've watched his new PVs over and over again.

Personally, I was particularly impressed with the PVs below (2 carefully selected). Both are old PVs, but they are always fresh!

The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

Video and music (rhythm) are perfectly linked.

Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World

From around 1:10, it becomes "Eh!". After that, I felt confused all the time.

A PV that spends time with nothing but a sense of incompatibility, feeling a strange ``hook'' until you realize ``something is strange''.

Both the novel and the movie are not my own experience, in a sense the world of fantasy.

The "fantasy stone" produced by cuff-if is also a re-formation of the imagination, memories, colors, and tactile sensations of the author's childhood.

A movie I saw a long time ago, a novel that stays in my memory, a touch that I once touched.

Not only when I was a child, but as I grow up, I read novels, movies, plays, etc. I wonder if I'm increasing my "hooks" by having a simulated experience of what other people have created.

It is a series that I am making while reminiscing once again that I am producing by incorporating the "someday's catch" that is hidden in everyday life.

A purely transparent charm inspired by the old work "Water spreading all over under the water lily flower".
It's fresh when I look at it again, and I'm trying to make a prototype little by little, thinking that I want to reborn it as a dress-up charm.

The image above is the crystal charms in the center/right of the image that were presented in May this year. In fact, it was the charms that released the crystals they had collected to create new dress-up charms in this flow.

Things and things that are connected little by little.


Added August 2021

I was able to create a combination like a generic name for the production theme.

(Water lily flower) DEW DROPS-water lily x (Water spreading under it) Combination with crystal dress-up charm

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