The DEW DROPS necklace has been renewed.

We have renewed the "DEW DROPS- Chloe" series necklace, which we previously announced on Instagram.

This series is often chosen as a gift.

Until now, it was sold as a casual look with a thin cord attached, but it has been renewed as a set with a necklace chain that is perfect for the atmosphere.

There are many people who have a normal necklace chain, so the point is to use a highly designed chain. Moreover, it is made of stainless steel like other necklace chains. Gentle to those with metal allergies.

At the same time, the series name was changed to "DEW DROPS-water lily".

Up until now, I had included the name of a woman named Chloe/Chole, a character in Boris Vian's novel Utakata no Hibi, which is also one of my production motifs. )What. The series name has been changed to a more versatile and easy-to-image series name.

The production motif is introduced in the Instagram post .
I will introduce it again in the next blog.

This is a series that we are doing our best to set a price that makes it easy for you to choose as a gift.

your favorite color. that person's favorite color.

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