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Thank you for watching yesterday's live broadcast.

This time I tried on a large bracelet. This bracelet has a unique wearing method that makes it very easy to wear and not easy to fall off.

In writing,

① First, attach it with a magnet as an auxiliary

(2) The fitting part of the bracelet is fixed → Insert the T-shaped bar into the round fitting (mantel) while it is fixed

③Removing the auxiliary magnet will lengthen the bracelet by about 1cm.

It was good to be able to explain while trying it on.

Instructions on how to wear the bracelet are provided with images. Maybe you can explain it with a video! I will leave it as a future task.

It seems that there are a certain number of people who say that they no longer wear ear accessories such as earrings in the age of masks.

Even so, I think that wearing jewelry and accessories can have the effect of boosting your mood even just a little, and that some things have the nuance of being worn as a talisman for important occasions, regardless of gender. I'm here.

We have even received feedback from people saying, "I use these earrings as a talisman when I have an important presentation." How grateful...

Perhaps some of our customers are in a situation where they can't wear ear accessories. Enriching various items may be necessary for customers to use it for a long time. I was thinking that recently

So, I would like to continue to enhance various items in the future. First of all, from the enhancement of bracelets that do not interfere with daily hand washing and hand disinfection.

Rather than wearing this large bracelet at work, it has a greater meaning of "wearing it for yourself to lift your spirits". I also made this large bracelet for myself and love it. It might be an item like a talisman to wear when going out.

First of all, I introduced a bracelet with such a feeling.

All are produced as one-of-a-kind items. this! If you have an item that you think, please take a look at it slowly.

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8/25 delivery

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