8/11 (Tue), 12 (Wed) Instagram live distribution has ended

Thank you for watching yesterday's live broadcast.

Yesterday, as usual, I picked up one new charm and dressed it up in various ways.

You can match it with various colors of MINI CUFFS (ear accessories for changing clothes) , necklaces, chokers , and bracelets in the same series (scheduled for the next new item).

The new bracelet has also been completed! I've already received a few inquiries, so I tried it on the delivery early.

This bracelet has all metal parts made of stainless steel. I talked about my thoughts on making it when I tried it on, but I would like to talk about it again after the new product goes on sale.

Last week's stream showed the colors in a very beautiful state, so I can confidently stream from this week! I was enthusiastic about it, but it was a failure... I tried to redeliver it the next day.

Things don't always go as planned, but I'd like to somehow deliver them in an easy-to-view form ☻

Past distributions of Instagram live distribution are saved on IGTV .

8/12 delivery

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