2022 holiday season items have been released

There are only a few left this year. The holiday season limited items that started last year have been released again this year. Like last year, we are setting the price to be more affordable than usual with a year of gratitude.

This year, we have prepared a series using a single type fantasy stone.

A series in which the colors that I envisioned in my mind as a child are captured in imaginary stones and framed. Sometimes it's a scene from a fairy tale, sometimes it's a dazzling scenery. The shapes of such memories.

A new item that uses a red and whitish frost clear fantasy stone and a popular double ring gold and silver mix to match it. The same goes for the new charm A mix of gold and silver.
red and white, gold and silver. We have prepared items that are front, back, and paired.
The motif is from the picture book "Alice in Wonderland" that I have read many times since I was a child / "Alice im Wunderland und im Land hinter dem Spiegel" by Lewis Carroll / Dusan Kallay.
Personal property: Alice im Wunderland und im Land hinter dem Spiegel" Lewis Carroll / Dusan Kallay
Colorful colors, there is a lost playing card kingdom.
Playing cards red and white, painted red and white roses. and above all in my head The motif is the color memory of Dusan Kallay.
The box is also limited to the holiday season. It will be in a box inspired by the pocket watch that the rabbit had in "Alice in Wonderland" (the charm will be an organza bag).
Reception until December 31, 2022. Please take your time.
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