Measures against metal allergies and improvement of wearing comfort (Pierce version)

At cuff-if, we use medical stainless steel for the piercing post as standard, aiming to make piercings that can be used safely by people with metal allergies.

The creator himself has a metal allergy, and has been troubled with piercings for many years.

For example, I found some nice vintage earrings.

"Nice! I definitely want it!"

However, I can't wear it because the material doesn't match. In particular, old costume jewelry*1 may contain materials that are likely to cause allergies, such as alloys.

You won't find the same vintage jewelry, and each piece has a unique vintage atmosphere and value that can't be replaced by today's ready-made items.

I like the design, but I don't have any alternatives. But it's one thing... I can't wear earrings because I'm allergic to metal.

Even if you buy it, you can't wear it yourself. I had this dilemma for many years.

Also, even if you are looking for metal allergy-friendly jewelry, it is mainly jewelry made of precious metals such as 18-karat gold and platinum, and such things are expensive, and the value of precious metals and stones themselves is more important than design. So, when I looked for something a little more modest in price, it was delicate and small and a little off from my taste. I want to wear large earrings that make a statement with the trends of the time! I always thought so.

Because I have such a metal allergy, cuff-if started when I started producing metal allergy-friendly jewelry with my favorite vintage atmosphere.

The level of metal allergy varies from person to person, but it is said that piercings are particularly prone to metal allergies because they are in direct contact with the subcutaneous tissue. Even if you do not currently have an allergy, there are many cases where you develop a metal allergy due to piercings made of poor quality materials, so you need to be careful. Not only people with metal allergies, but also those who do not currently have metal allergies, we would like you to choose metal allergy-friendly piercings as a standard for prevention .

In addition, cuff-if also comes with several types of earring catches, one made of silicon and the other made of stainless steel, as shown in the photo above. We would like you to use your favorite catch or use it as a spare in case you lose your earring catch.

All the metal parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, so the piercing body was allergic to metal, but the piercing catch was scratched! situation is reduced.

Unless you are an earring collector, I think most people don't know which type of earring catch is easy to use. Everyone has different ear shapes, thicknesses, piercing positions, and preferences. Try on various types of earring catches to find the one that suits you best! Please find a piercing catch.

In addition, the disk-shaped silicon and silicon + stainless steel pierce catches in the photo have the advantage of being able to distribute the weight of the piercing body and reduce the weight because they have a large area to hold from behind the ear. Another advantage is that the weight of the pierced earrings itself may cause them to look downward (the pierced earring itself feels like it is bowing), but by using this disk-shaped earring catch, It will be easier to hold while facing the front without bowing.

At cuff-if, we make our earrings with that in mind, so that you can enjoy your earrings comfortably for a long time.

*1Costume jewelry: A general term for ornaments made from synthetic gemstones such as glass, alloys, etc., rather than expensive precious metals and gemstones. Jewelry that enjoys design. There is also a theory that it originated from the jewelry worn for costumes on stage and in movies.

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