Changed the specifications of dress-up earrings / earrings!

One of the features of cuff-if is the “Customize me!” dress-up series that allows you to combine the earrings and the main body of the earrings with the charms that match the bottom as you like.

You can collect only what you like, so the number of customers who collect them has increased.

Until now, the charm for earrings and the charm for piercings were different specifications, but we have changed the specifications of the charms so that they can be used for both earrings and piercings! The change is only for the charm for earrings, and there is no change for the charm for earrings.

As shown in the image below, the connector on the top of the charm has been changed to a large round stainless steel ring that is gentle on the skin.

The benefits of this specification change were so wonderful that I would like to introduce them in a loud voice.

① If you have both earrings and earrings, you can expand your dress -up options by combining them with charms!
②For example, if your mother is an earring fan and you are a piercing fan, you can share the charm , so you can change your outfit many times!
3. You can use the charm connector to pass it through your own hoop earrings, pierced earrings, or necklace chain, or put a long charm through a simple choker, or use it as a back charm, so you can combine it with your accessories. You can
④Even though you went to great lengths to present an earring, have you ever felt that you wear a necklace a lot?
There are endless ways to use this item, so if you receive a set of charms as a gift and explain how to use them, you will surely be surprised at how to use them.

↓I put the image of the combination. Please refer to it. ↓

Through your own hoop earrings and earrings. It fits a variety of hoop sizes.

Of course, it goes well with cuff-if's other dress-up earrings/pierced earrings!

Bottom left: Paired with small silver hoop earrings. Top right: Paired with big gold hoop earrings.

Paired with small and large gold hoop earrings.

Gold, silver, large hoop, small hoop.

Pair one charm with a simple choker.

Match it with a choker. It is the combination that a clear glass dome shines in.

Team it with a simple silver chain. Many people have this chiap chain?

One around the neck through a choker, one around the ear through a hoop earring, even if it's asymmetrical.

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