Response to the new coronavirus

As of April 2020, the new corona is raging all over the world.

Here, we will inform you about hygiene management regarding shipping.

[Regarding the hygiene aspect of production]

In consideration of hygiene, cuff-if has always followed the order of "order → item production → cleaning with absolute ethanol → shipping".
Even in Japan, it has become difficult to obtain absolute ethanol, which is always used for cleaning raw materials and items, so we will switch to disinfecting ethanol for cleaning items before shipping.

Unlike absolute ethanol, ethanol for disinfection requires time to dry, so it will take an additional day to ship.

[Regarding packaging at the time of shipment]

As before, it will be sent by post-in instead of hand-delivery (click post shipping for Japan, international e-packet shipping for overseas).

Also, as before, the outer box is covered with a plastic film before shipping. It is safer to remove the outer film immediately after receiving it from the mailbox and dispose of it as it is.

[About delivery]

Depending on the region and country, there is a possibility that the mail will be temporarily suspended or the delivery will be delayed. Changes in the situation, etc. will be updated at any time in "Response to the new coronavirus" .
Please wait for a while until things calm down.
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