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This is northern Kyushu.
During the day yesterday, I was wondering if it was the end of the rainy season because there were clouds everywhere that could only be seen as cumulonimbus clouds with a strong presence.

In northern Kyushu, the rainy season has ended today.

It's a hot hot summer.

A series that is perfect for such a hot summer is under production.

Texture and color like a chewy jelly.

Originally, I'm the type of person who spends a lot of time making prototypes, testing the finished product by actually wearing it, and redoing it if there are any changes.

Sometimes I hit it too hard and break it...

That's who I am, so I've already made and stocked up prototypes for next summer.

When I casually uploaded the prototype glass parts to my Instagram story, I was surprised to receive so many "cute" comments!

Prototype parts.

A strong sense of clarity.

Try mixing autumn colors.

Not for next summer, but for this summer! (Make it in time!), the result of making it with a lot of effort is shown below.

like jelly. The two on the left have the image of jelly with frosting added and sprinkled with sugar.

Add layers of color to the prototype parts to add depth. Add more color combinations.

Jelly sprinkled with sugar. It looks good in winter too.

Churu Churu jelly.

The charm below is very simple. One white freshwater pearl, swaying.

Of course, the top glass earrings/piercings can also be used in 2 ways,

It's nice to wear only the top on your ears, mainly for the jelly look.

At cuff-if, each piece is colored by hand, but this is an accidental color that cannot be achieved on purpose.

Each color overlaps and runs differently.

Everything is one point.

I would like to develop it as a series little by little in the future.

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