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This year, the new coronavirus has spread all over the world, and even here in Japan, there are movements such as staying at home and self-restraint. Every day the world situation is updated, and sad news comes in one after another.

Therefore, from the self-restraint period in April this year, we started posting almost daily dress-up drawings in Instagram stories (simple posts that automatically end in 24 hours). Looking back, it started on April 10th.

☝︎An example of a post in Instagram Stories

If you can find a little fun in your self-restraint life by wearing your favorite accessories at home and changing them every day.

You can change the bottom charm every day, or suddenly change the top.
I hope that by showing you various patterns, it will be a little bit of a change for everyone. I started with that in mind.

From there, it leads to live distribution of dress-up fittings.

It was my first attempt at online distribution, and I think there were many parts that were difficult to see, but I have been improving little by little and introducing the items of the Kisekae series. By actually putting it on my ear, I understood the atmosphere, the feeling of shaking, and the feeling of size! We have more opportunities to buy.


In fact, from this year in 2020, we were planning to strengthen our exhibitions at pop-ups and events, and increase opportunities to talk directly with customers.

However, in reality, I don't know how long it will be, but it seems difficult to set up opportunities to talk face-to-face, such as exhibiting in distant places for a while.

I would like to be able to convey the world view of cuff-if directly, even if just a little, through live streaming.

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