About gift charms

At cuff-if, we also send gifts to customers who have purchased.
For example, small charms for ear accessories.

That's because we want our customers to enjoy dressing up.

Until now, most of our customers have been looking for ear accessories, so there were many presents of charms for changing clothes.
Recently, more and more customers are purchasing bracelets and rings.

We also hear that you no longer wear ear accessories because you are wearing a mask.

So, from last month, I've been presenting a charm with a cord for a necklace as shown in the image.

・As a casual necklace as it is ・Put it through your own necklace chain or choker ・Put it through hoop earrings as an asymmetrical accessory ・Put it through a pin for an accent

There are various ways to use it and it seems to be fun 😊

Charms will be delivered randomly depending on the time.

We hope that we can convey the thoughts of cuff-if, such as having fun changing items and using them for a long time 😊

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