Instagram live streaming and contact with customers

We have more opportunities to communicate with repeat customers via email and Instagram DM.

Since we are mainly active in the online shop, it is difficult for us to receive customer feedback directly! And cuff-if is the part I was worried about from the start.

It's difficult to meet face-to-face, but I'm most happy to be able to exchange opinions with customers little by little! It seems that face-to-face sales will be difficult for a while, and even if face-to-face sales become possible again, we won't be able to travel around the country.

In that case, I would like to continue to focus on moving in a direction that makes it easier to talk with customers by email and SNS, even if only little by little .

I wanted to be a presence that customers could feel free to tell me about requests, problems, and consultations, so I started live streaming on Instagram last year.

You can watch Instagram's IGTV here

For about a year, I've been live streaming almost every Tuesday night, looking at exhibitions and typhoons. From the second year, we are trying irregular delivery. While streaming every week, I felt that there were some things that I thought were difficult to do on Instagram today.

・There are times when saving delivered videos does not go well, which is a high risk ・When the stock of delivered videos accumulates, it is difficult to find them

etc. I save the distribution videos and store them on IGTV, but not all customers use Instagram often, and not all of them are familiar with the functions.

However, even so, the functions that I thought were "difficult to use" have evolved with each update.

When we introduce a new function, we introduce it on Instagram stories, etc., but since the introduction content is lost, we would like to introduce it on this blog as well.

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