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We have prepared holiday season items again this year.


This year, we have prepared white and black items such as earrings with new shapes.


Just like last year, we offer holiday season limited prices that are more affordable than usual to express our gratitude for the past year.
▶︎Limited price until December 31, 2023.
▶︎After that, the price will return to normal.

Sometimes it's a scene from a fairy tale, and sometimes it's the color of the moon I look up at alone. The shapes of such memories.

A new series of items with a motif of the moon floating in the crisp, clean, cold night sky. Enjoy the floating moon in your ears and on your fingers.

Applications are accepted until December 31, 2023. Please take your time to take a look.

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Antiques from another world

Inspired by the shimmering light beneath moonlit waters, I began creating jewelry featuring “Imaginary stone" that I craft myself.

The image of "shimmering light beneath moonlit waters" comes from the children's story "Yamanashi" by Japanese novelist and artist, MIYAZAWA Kenji.

As a child, I would read books and create stories in my head every day.

II transform my childhood fantasies into 'Imaginary stone - stones that seem to come to life with their glowing colors with resin.

I offer a variety of 'Imaginary stone' series , but my goal is to create jewelry that can be enjoyed for a long time by allowing customers intefrchangeable with their own way.

From our creater