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A series based on the motif of the world seen from an insect's perspective.

Sometimes it's the transparent veins of a leaf seen by a dragonfly flying around a pond, and sometimes it's the illusion of a bee flying around in a field of spring flowers.

I create each item one by one while envisioning the vitality-filled light and scenery found in the natural world .

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Antiques from another world

Inspired by the shimmering light beneath moonlit waters, I began creating jewelry featuring “Imaginary stone" that I craft myself.

The image of "shimmering light beneath moonlit waters" comes from the children's story "Yamanashi" by Japanese novelist and artist, MIYAZAWA Kenji.

As a child, I would read books and create stories in my head every day.

II transform my childhood fantasies into 'Imaginary stone - stones that seem to come to life with their glowing colors with resin.

I offer a variety of 'Imaginary stone' series , but my goal is to create jewelry that can be enjoyed for a long time by allowing customers intefrchangeable with their own way.

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