The story that I couldn't upload to IGTV due to an error-Part 1 (Instagram / if it helps someone)

Since May, when the self-restraint period began due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, we have been broadcasting live on Instagram every week.

This year in 2020, I was thinking about exhibiting pop-ups in Tokyo and metropolitan areas, and I was making preparations, but I can't say that anymore.
We may not be able to meet our customers this year.

As an alternative, I may be able to talk with the viewers through live streaming, but I don't know what I can do, but let's try it!
As I continued to stream live for a while, I realized that there were still many things I could tell you without meeting face-to-face, and I continue to do so.

There is a way to save it on Instagram's IGTV as a way to view it after distribution. I deliver less than 20 minutes each time,

① Save to IGTV as it is from the screen after the live broadcast ends
② After the live broadcast, download the broadcast video once → Upload it to IGTV after editing

There are two methods.

① is easy. Just save it as is, there is no time limit. I think there are many people who are saving in this way.

I save it to IGTV by method ②. The difference from ① is that

  • Videos are between 1 second and 60 minutes long
  • The file format is MP4 (previously it was possible to upload in MOV, but it seems to have become NG)
  • less than 3.6GB in size

It is Due to the increase in IGTV users, it seems that various revisions are being made.

① is easy, but it is a matter of my personal preference,

I can't get into the main topic for a while after the distribution starts (I'm waiting for the viewers to access it, so I can't wait to show it to others)
I want to edit (it will be verbose anyway)

As I said, I haven't hired him.

But if you want to stream while chatting with everyone, I think ① is the best! !

In the distribution, we want to share the fun and surprises of introducing and trying on items, and changing clothes, so we want to be able to watch it quickly in a short time.

That's how I edited and uploaded every time, until recently.

However, since mid-October 2020, things have gotten weird.

I get an error and can't upload at all! !

The first time this phenomenon occurred, it took 6 days to upload, which is pretty scary.

0% → 1% → 2% → 3% →...

If I could increase it by 1% per hour, I would be in a good position. Unless it reaches 100%, you can't upload it to the designated place on Instagram's IGTV. .

In this state from the morning, even after noon, there was no progress at all ...

It was the time to sit in front of the PC all day, so I was able to do it, but anyway, I frequently clicked "Run again" in the upper right. I was clicking all day long.

It continues next week and the next week... Do you give up uploading to IGTV because it is too inefficient, or think of another way?

Let's stop anyway. This work is too futile.

And this week.
Actually, it was so painful that I took a break from streaming the previous week (exactly putting the cart before the horse).

"Let's try it until this time. The specifications may have changed."

I couldn't. On the contrary, it is getting worse.

I just get an error when I click "run again".

The moment I thought, "I'm going to give up," I came up with another method.

"Don't hesitate, let's do it"

・・・The upload is complete! !

is the state just before.

It's been a long time, so I'll write the continuation next time. I'll do some research as to why.

I was relieved of the stress I had been feeling every week, and I was exhausted (Are you relieved?)

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