Production image of cuff-if (stone production)

Today, April 1st, when I am writing this blog, the name of the new era was announced.

The whole of Japan was filled with anticipation, and it was a day that made me feel like I was floating on my feet.
Since the source is the Manyoshu, many people must have been reminded of the existence of Japan that has existed since ancient times.

Now, at cuff-if, we manufacture each stone, which is the main part with a unique shine.
It is not a strong self-assertive glow, but a modest but core glow. It's not gaudy, but there's a margin, a faint brightness in the lingering shadows. The silent power of the shadowy light.

The moon has been contrasted with the sun since ancient times. Since ancient times, the Japanese have worshiped the moon*.
The moon shines only when it receives the light of the sun. It is not the strong brilliance of the sun, which emits its own light, but the mysterious brilliance that has fascinated people, albeit modestly.

"A quiet glow, like golden dregs piled up and piled up at the bottom."
"The fragments of light that have sunk deep into the depths are faintly bubbling up from the darkness with a cloudy glow."
"A brilliant beam of light reflects off the surface of the water, forming a net of light that is sucked into the bottom of the river and confined."

The stones are made of various materials such as glass and resin, but after undergoing various processing, they gradually emit a glow from the bottom.

One stone will be completed soon!

The main image of my latest work is "light and shadow that stretches long on a moonlit night in the desert", and I made it by expressing the moonlight with stones, which is why I decided to post this time.

And I hope that the items I make will receive the radiance of those who wear them, and that the person who wears them will shine even more!

*There are many moon god worshipers around the world.

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