8/18 Instagram live distribution ended

Thank you for watching yesterday's live broadcast.

This time, I mainly tried on 4 colors of pendant tops, so I tried them on while talking more slowly than usual.

Thanks to taking my time trying it on, I was able to talk more than usual with everyone who watched it.

Earrings/Earrings Pendants Earrings/Earrings Pendants

Earrings/Earrings Pendants Earrings/Earrings Pendants

In the image above, the chain is sold separately, but the cord (string) is attached to the pendant top for sale, so you can wear it immediately after purchase.

You can also match it with earrings/piercings from the same series, or you can match the same series with different colors.

Earrings/Earrings (Yellow) Pendant (Brown)

We recommend a combination of yellow and brown items. Combine these two colors for an autumnal image! It will be a different image from using it alone.

You can also pair it with a choker or long necklace chain for a different look.

Past distributions of Instagram live distribution are saved on IGTV .

8/18 delivery

As an aside, I always stream live while playing BGM, and the ending of the song matches perfectly with the end of the live stream. I was surprised at how it ended (laughs)

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