Crystal charm gift (until the end of May 2021)

cuff-if is a small brand supported by our customers. We make things with the customer's satisfaction in mind.
This is the second part of giving back to our customers, based on the declaration of a state of emergency in Japan from the end of April 2021 .

At cuff-if, we make items such as top earrings/earrings, ear cuffs, necklace chains, chokers, and pin brooches, as well as charms for changing clothes, so that you can change them freely.

You can purchase a charm to match the top you have, or purchase a new top to match your favorite charm.
Each customer is free to combine them.

Currently, we are making prototypes of clear charms for this summer.

Charms with few (no) clear colors have not been developed until now.

▶︎Perfect for summer ▶︎Easy to match regardless of the color or texture of the top▶︎Many people like clear colors

For that reason, we have just purchased clear minerals and crystals and started trial production of summer charms.

In such a way, the declaration of emergency at the end of April 2021.
There are probably many people who were disappointed when the GW plan disappeared. Many of you may have been thinking of going to see me for the first time in a long time on Mother's Day.

During this GW, I was thinking about something that would please our customers.

So I decided to stop prototyping and use the purchased crystals to make charms and present them to customers.

The image looks like this. There is a gold system and a silver system.

▶︎The following items are included (please refer to them!)

MINI CUFFS/Phlogopite-MICA-KHAKI GOLD (Dress-up earrings/pierced earrings)

MINI CUFFS SEA GLOW (Dress-up earrings/pierce)


EAR CUFF-IF-"C"(GOLD) single



It will be presented to those who purchase by the end of May. Of course, even if it is shipped directly as a gift, we will also include a gift. I'm sorry if I run out of crystal stock, I'll let you know in that case.

While hoping that it will be a part of the customer's enjoyment.

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