11/10 Instagram live distribution ended

Thank you for watching this week's live broadcast.

This week, the autumn/winter version of the "DEW DROPS" series, a motif that I cherish, has reappeared on the web shop, so I tried it on.

The theme is a water lily that blooms dignifiedly on the surface of the water, and a series that captures the moment when dew drops fall from the water lily.

I talked about it a little during the stream, but the eyes of an insect are looking at the moment the drops fall from the water lilies.

It is said that to humans, the droplets fall in an instant, but to insects, they appear to be in slow motion.

A slow time for insects, a moment for us. The "DEW DROPS" series cuts out such time and locks it in your ear.

Since it expresses the natural colors that are reflected at the moment the drops fall, the color itself is the main focus. It can also be combined with a dress-up charm.

This time I tried to match it with a little bit, but I would like to match it with the dress-up charm again in next week's stream.

Past distributions of Instagram live distribution are saved on IGTV.

11/10 delivery

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