Measures against metal allergies and improvement of wearing comfort (Earrings)

This time, we will introduce cuff-if's commitment to making earrings.

In the previous piercing edition, I told you that the maker had trouble with metal allergies for many years, and that he could not wear commercially available accessories.

Earrings require special attention to metal allergies.
If you have allergies, we recommend that you choose earrings instead of pierced earrings as a quick solution.
Unlike pierced earrings, metal is only in contact with the surface of the skin, so it is said to be less likely to cause metal allergies compared to pierced earrings.

However, some people may have metal allergies even with earrings. It is said that the main cause of metal allergy is that metal substances (the main cause of which is nickel) that cause allergies when sweating melt out and adhere to the skin tissue.

It's good to be able to judge before buying accessories.
As a buyer, you can take the following measures against metal allergies.

① Wear accessories that do not use metal (made of all resin, etc.)

②Purchase accessories that use metals that are less likely to cause allergies

(3) Wear accessories that do not contain nickel and are marked "Nickel Free"

④ Do not use accessories containing metal when sweating, or wipe off sweat frequently

⑤Coating/covering the metal part with another material such as resin to avoid direct contact with the skin surface

It is best to completely eliminate allergens (1) Wear accessories that do not use metal (all resin, etc.), but there are many accessories with wonderful materials and designs. I'm skipping. For example, if you choose only all-resin accessories, the design will be limited, and the strength and durability may be inferior to metal accessories.

Also, I think there are some people who really want to avoid "accessories for metal allergy countermeasures". It's the same for me, but even though I know that accessories with metal fittings are good for people with metal allergies, I have had the experience of not buying them because of their appearance and design, such as being fragile or looking a little cheap. As an aside, recently there are resin earrings for kids that are quite large! I encourage your child to choose one of these.

The opposite is "② Purchase accessories that use metals that are less likely to cause allergies." Precious metals such as pure gold, 18K gold, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel are said to be less likely to cause metal allergies, and in fact, I can wear these metals with confidence. However, it is difficult to buy many accessories made of pure gold according to the fashion of the time, and titanium and stainless steel accessories on the market are inorganic materials such as all titanium and all stainless steel for men. Atmospheric accessories are the mainstream.

At cuff-if, we use medical stainless steel (surgical stainless steel) for all earrings that come into contact with the skin, and nickel-free materials that are less likely to cause metal allergies. "Oh, why aren't the earrings made of stainless steel?" Of course, I ordered many stainless steel earring fittings and tried them, but stainless steel is very hard. If you pinch your ears with hard stainless steel metal fittings, it will hurt and it will be difficult to wear them for a long time. Therefore, we have adopted nickel-free brass earring fittings that are soft to the touch and strong enough to withstand use.

In addition, the entire adhesive surface of the metal fittings on the back of the top part is embedded in resin so that it does not touch the skin directly. This also has the advantage of being stronger than just gluing, and the entire back surface is smooth with no steps, so I think it's comfortable to wear and less stressful. I think you can imagine how the metal fittings are embedded in the resin in the photo below (from the photo from the right side).

In addition, a silicone cover is attached to the part that holds the back of the ear so that the metal does not come into direct contact with the ear.

At the time of purchase, several types of spare silicone covers are included as shown in the top image, so you can reduce the worry of losing the silicone cover.

Next, regarding the comfort of wearing the earring fittings, after many trials, tests, and interviews with monitors, we have used earring fittings that are hard to hurt and do not fall off, and have been well received. Attaching the silicone cover makes it more grippy and less likely to fall off, so we recommend wearing it with the cover attached.

If you are still worried, we recommend the new type of earring metal fittings below.
“More” Customization to soft clip earrings that are hard to break, hard to hurt, hard to fall off (sold separately) 600 yen

This is amazing! The earlobe is very thin, and the bottom of the earlobe is not puffy (because the earlobe is puffy, even if you snap the earring, it will catch on the puffy part of the earlobe, making it difficult to remove), cuff When I recommended these earrings to a customer who wanted the heaviest earrings in -if and thought it was a difficult task, I received the words, "It doesn't fall off at all! It doesn't hurt! Surprisingly!" .

I also talked about the features of this earring fitting on Instagram, so if you have time, please check it out!

In this way, all piercings and earrings are especially made to be allergy-friendly, in addition to the fact that we want people with metal allergies to use them with peace of mind. There is also a strong desire not to develop this, so we are aiming for a better product. Of course, we are collecting information every day, so if something better comes out, we will adopt it!

However, the degree of allergy varies from person to person, so if you are concerned about it, please contact us.

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