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People who pick up cuff-if will say things like, "It looks like the universe," "It looks like a collection of stars," and "What is the name of this stone?"

At uff-if, I process glass and resin one by one to create stones that I, as a creator, find beautiful. One of the production images is the image of the universe, celestial bodies, planets scattered in it, and numerous stars.

That's because the world view of Kenji Miyazawa, a famous poet and author of fairy tales, is sprinkled into cuff-if.

Kenji Miyazawa left behind numerous poems and fairy tales. Born and raised in the Tohoku region more than 100 years ago, Kenji Miyazawa's worldview is still loved today for its sense of a mixture of the present life and the universe, a space with a different time axis.

For example, the famous "Night on the Galactic Railroad". The story progresses as Giovanni and Campanella board a train that moves in the sky.

”Suddenly garden Suddenly, the inside of the car became white and bright. I looked, and suddenly, diamond Congo Seki or grass Dew Soup and all the splendor of the glittering galaxy river bed Kawadoko Above the water flowed silently and shapelessly, and in the midst of the stream there was a pale halo of light. shooting difference I could see a single island. "Night on the Galactic Railroad" by Kenji Miyazawa

Only letters.

Even though it's just text, it feels like everyone who reads it is wrapped in a fluffy, glittering light, as if they were on the spot. I want to create with my own hands the feeling that everyone will feel.

Based on such thoughts, we create stones one by one and finish them as jewelry.

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