About material change of some products

The other day, I was looking for a monitor and was considering changing the material of the earrings/earring tops.
Notice of recruiting monitors

Based on the questionnaires and impressions from the monitors, we will change the material of some earrings / piercings from glass to high quality resin.

What will be changed are the earrings/pierce tops with frosted top parts.
Especially for piercing fans who feel burdened by the weight of the large top parts, we think that the range of choices will be widened with this weight reduction.

*Frost type earrings/piercings subject to material change.
Reference: Each pair of earrings is made of tempered glass on the left and resin on the right.

*We will not change the material of small items with motifs of luster and transparency that allow you to directly enjoy the texture of the glass. Please enjoy it as it is.

In particular, I think it will expand the range of options for combining with dress-up charms, which I was hesitant about because of the weight.

From 12/3, the material column of the target item has been changed. It doesn't look any different.
Please enjoy your favorite combination in the future.

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