Announcement of new release

The first new products for spring and summer 2022 are now on sale!

Cuff-if regularly releases new items, but this season, we will start with new earrings/earrings.

▶︎ "Framed series" that captures and frames the colors of childhood memories

▶︎“Galaxy series” of items that seem to be the theme of “antiques from outer space”

▶︎"Michikake series" with the motif of the phases of the moon

▶︎The "Kisekae Series", which is the first to appear this season, will make customers wonder which one to choose, with the addition of charms for changing clothes that can be used in multiple ways.

In the future, we will also post information on how to combine them and how to use them on this blog and Instagram.

I have a lot of things I want to make in the future. Please keep in touch with us!

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