We have started selling new products!

New in 2021, first of all, we will start selling charms for changing clothes at the webshop.

Please use in combination with earrings / pierce tops for changing clothes.

In the future, we will also start selling new dress-up earrings / pierce tops, but there are many other dress-up earrings / pierce tops in various colors and shapes, so there are many people who already have replacement charms. Please add it.

We are planning to sell various new products in January and February.
・Dress-up earrings/piercings
・Volume ring
・Ear cuffs for changing clothes
・Pin brooch
I would appreciate it if you could look forward to it!

cuff-if makes stones based on Kenji Miyazawa's world and finishes them as costume jewelry.

For example,
Ore scattered along the riverbed in "Night on the Galactic Railroad".
The glittering surface of the water seen by the crab brothers of Yamanashi.
A blue constellation that appears in "Yodaka no Hoshi".

Stars of the galaxy, ores, and the sparkle of the earth captured from the eyes of animals. These stones are based on the world of Kenji Miyazawa and expressed in my own way.

The colorful stones that I imagined in my imagination since I was a child.

There are so many things in my head that have not yet taken shape!

From this year onwards, I would like to give shape to the stones one by one while conveying my thoughts.

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