We released a new product! (There are also new ear cuffs that can be changed)

The previous new work was a necklace, but this time it is an earring / pierce, a charm for changing clothes, and an ear cuff.

2way earrings/earrings are silver full moon.

pure white moon.

There are 6 types of charms for changing clothes.

And the first development ear cuff.

Of course you can wear it as is! It can also be paired with a cuff-if dress-up charm or a charm under any other 2 earrings/earrings.

As the creator of cuff-if, I want my customers to use it for a long time.

thinking for that

▶︎ Items that can be used for a long time without breaking easily
For example, stainless steel is used for all connecting parts of charms that are often removed (the wire diameter is also thick and sturdy. It will not deform unless something is done with tools, etc.).

The metal of the original type (glass plate, ring base, ear cuff, etc.) is also nickel-free and has a thicker rhodium coating and 24-karat gold coating than usual, so the coating does not peel off easily and can be used for a long time.

▶︎Good item for people with metal allergies
If you have a metal allergy, you won't be able to use even the items you like.

Although it depends on the degree of allergy, we have made it a shape that many people can wear with peace of mind in consideration of metal allergies.

In addition, we do not know when metal allergy will develop. Triggering the onset is the continued use of things that are likely to cause allergies. In order to reduce the risk in the future and to ensure long-term use, we believe it is important to deal with metal allergies.

In addition, the metal of the original model is also coated with a thick coating of precious metals (precious metals have the advantage of being difficult to develop allergies).

We are also particular about nickel-free (nickel is said to be the biggest cause of metal allergies).

Actually, even with the same precious metal coating, if you use a matte black tone coating, you can create an item with a different design, color, and atmosphere. I have not.

As I continue to create from a limited selection of options, there are materials that are less expensive and that are easier to create an atmosphere, but I think cuff-if is headed there.

▶︎ Comfortable to wear
No matter how much you stick to the raw materials, if there is something to worry about, such as pain or discomfort, you will not be able to use it.

I feel that I am reducing the options for design and materials by myself, but this is also an important point for people to continue using it for a long time!

Considering the joining position of the earring fittings that are hard to hurt or dropping, and the selection of earring catches, we try to distribute the weight.

The popular voluminous ring is large, but it is finished in a shape that follows the finger, making it difficult to get caught in various things in daily life.

Good comfort is an absolute requirement for long-term use!

When making an item, we repeatedly test prototypes with various patterns, so it takes time to start selling as soon as we come up with it, but I think it will be an important part in the future. I'm always thinking

▶︎Enjoy and use every day
And to keep using it for a long time, it would be fun if you could change the clothes in various patterns.

I think it's a fun time for customers to worry about "what should I combine with what today?"

If you have only one, there are times when you say "I'm not in the mood for this right now", right? If you can change clothes, you can establish your own occasional combination pattern!

And a word from a sustainable point of view, which has come to be considered in the new lifestyle.

Keep using what you like. I believe that this is the least stressful and sustainable way for everyone to continue.

It's a slightly loose advocacy of sustainable in such a way, but it's from what I can do.

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