We released a new product!

We have started selling new earrings/piercings and volume rings with the theme of new moon and full moon🌗

The various moons that appear in Kenji Miyazawa's fairy tales that I read as a child.

At other times, he is the moon reading god of "Kojiki" and "Nihonshoki".

Please take a look.


We also issued a 10% off coupon as a Valentine's gift from cuff-if.

Please enter the coupon code below at checkout.

Coupon code: 2021cuffif10
Period: Until 2021/2/21 (Sun)
*When purchasing over 5,000 yen. Only once per person.

Also, for those who have registered for cuff-if's e-mail magazine, we will send you an even more advantageous 15% off coupon on 2/15 (Monday).
If you haven't yet, please sign up for the mail magazine by Sunday!

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