Exhibition Notice (New Jewelry / Jewelry Week 2020)

[Notice of exhibition]
Jewelry Week 2020
Exhibition date: 12/16 (Wed.) ~ 25 (Fri.)
Venue: Hakata Hankyu 1F Media Stage

About the future of the future, which I have been thinking about since this year's self-restraint period.

It's hard just in real life, it's hard just online. Crossover between real and online.
I think that there are many things that can be absorbed by participating in the memorable first event.

During the period, cuff-if will also deliver an Instagram live.
If you're nearby, please come face-to-face, and if you're far away, online ☻

Below are the details.


For about a month in December, we will create encounters with various jewelry all over the country. jewelryweek2020 held.
The large-scale "Jewelry Week" is Japan's first attempt.

Jewelry Week 2020 Official Site

The 1st "Jewelry Week" is a new event to revitalize the jewelry industry as a whole. Instead of concentrating brands in one city, we will try to create a new place with jewelry as the core for each region.

Cultural dissemination that captures the world of jewelry from multiple angles, such as Instagram live broadcasts by designers from each venue, talk sessions by JEWELRY PEOPLE, atelier introductions, online workshops, etc.

By distributing various online contents in addition to real shopping, you can enjoy "Jewelry Week" wherever you are while going back and forth between the venue and online.

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