About earring catches that make it difficult to look down

At cuff-if, we have several types of "disk-shaped earring catches" that make it difficult for your earrings to face downwards.

↓ In the blog below, we tell you why we have multiple types of earring catches.

Measures against metal allergies and improvement of wearing comfort (Pierce version)

By the way, if you use the "disk-shaped earring catch" that makes it difficult for your earrings to face downwards, it will mysteriously prevent your earrings from pointing downwards!

The reason why the earrings point downward is the softness of the earlobe. As for how to wear it, put the piercing through the piercing hole on the front of the earlobe and secure it with the piercing catch from the back of the earlobe.

So try to imagine it.
What if your earlobes are ticking and the whole earlobe is like a single piece of bone? No matter how heavy your earrings are, once you secure them with the earring catches, they will stay crisp! ! and is facing forward.
However, human earlobes do not contain bones (laughs), and are made of soft tissue.

If you put heavy earrings on your fluffy earlobes, the soft earlobes will bend forward.

Therefore, by applying the "disc-shaped pierce catch" to the back of the earlobe, the fluffy earlobe can be tightened like a single plate! It will be fixed so that it does not bend.
It's an image like a splint.

Even if you wear heavy piercings on your earlobes that don't bend tightly, you won't be able to look down!

Right: The transparent part of the disk turns the earlobe into a single plate.

Isn't it perfect if you use this earring catch together?

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