Notice of recruitment of monitors

Thank you for your continued patronage of cuff-if.
We are considering changing the material of the earring/earring top from tempered glass to high quality resin.

Upper row: Prototype made entirely of resin

Bottom row: Current products made of tempered glass

Therefore, we would like customers who have cuff-if items to compare the atmosphere, luxury, touch and feel of the current glass products with the resin products that are scheduled to be changed. We are looking for monitors .

I would be happy if you could cooperate with us to make better products.
We are looking forward to your application! !

[ Recruitment period, etc.]
Recruitment period: 2021/11/6 (Sat) ~ 11/10 (Wed)
Recruitment number: About 10 people

[Recruitment target]
Those who live in Japan and already have cuff-if items

【Application method】
Anyone who has a cuff-if item can apply.
Please contact us at the email address listed in "Contact" in the menu, or contact us via DM on Instagram.
When contacting us, please attach a photo of your cuff-if item (it will be used when manufacturing the monitor).

[Monitor contents]
We will send you a resin top that is equivalent to the cuff-if earrings/pierced earrings you have + a changeable charm. Please answer the questionnaire after trying on.

We will send you 2 types of resin earrings/earring tops and 2 types of charms for changing clothes. The image below is an image of the monitor set.

No need to send back after monitoring. Please continue to use it.

* We will reply to your email or DM, so please contact us from an address that can receive.
* If you are selected as a monitor, please let us know your name and address for shipping.
* We plan to make a similar announcement on Instagram at a later date.

[What to send]
The image is for reference, but we will send two sets of top and charms.

①Two types of resin earrings/pierced earrings (Two types of resin tops that are equivalent to the cuff-if items you have will be made and sent to you. If you do not have earrings/pierced earrings, we will send you the top in the image. )

② 2 types of charms for changing clothes (We plan to send the charm in the image. If you have one, we will send you a charm with a different design, so please let us know after the monitor is decided.)

③ Questionnaire form after monitoring (After sending, we will resend the questionnaire by email or DM on SNS.)

- About the process of recruiting monitors - From the time of the brand launch, we have created -imaginary stones- made of tempered glass, and have created a deep beauty and luxury feel, a moist and high-quality texture when touched, and a toughness that does not break even if dropped. I am making works with "atmosphere and satisfaction when I hold it in my hand".

As we continued to develop the brand, we were fortunate to receive more patronage from a wider range of people than we had originally expected.
After that, I started to think that there might be people who feel that the glass is heavy depending on their physical condition and age, so I continued to make prototypes with the aim of reducing the weight.

As a result, a product equivalent to the current tempered glass-fancy stone-was completed, except for the weight.
First of all, I'm thinking about completely renewing the earrings/piercings.

Before that, we would like to hear from everyone who uses cuff-if regularly, so we decided to recruit monitors this time.

I would be happy if you could cooperate with us to make better products.

We are looking forward to your application! !

cuff-if Sachiko Yamakawa
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