mask and earrings

Mask life under the present.

A customer who wears pierced earrings told me that " the string of the mask and the pierced earring behind the ear sometimes rub against each other and hurt the pierced post ."

And, " If other customers are hesitant about piercings and earrings, I might recommend earrings now that I'm living a mask life ." I see.

With that said, the customer purchased the new " Custom ear cuff " that does not interfere with the ear.

Certainly, a non-woven mask with a wide string part is less burdensome to the ears, but it is easy to get caught on earrings.

For a while, you can change the charms that have been combined with earrings into ear cuffs and wear them.
With ear cuffs, you can wear a mask without the burden of wearing earrings 😊

At cuff-if, pierced earrings/earrings/ear cuffs all have a common charm.

If you have a similar piercing pain,
For a while, I wear them as earrings and ear cuffs (both earrings and ear cuffs are made to be hard to hurt and hard to fall off).

Alternatively, if you have hoop earrings, you can use them through charms.

Also, when you want to take a break from your ears for a while, you can use the charm you have on hand through a necklace or choker in a different way.

Mr. H in Yokohama, thank you very much for telling me ♪

I hope you can enjoy every day with less burden!

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