[Notice of live streaming on Instagram] 9/22 (Tue.) 22:50-23:10

The next live stream will focus on changing the earrings/earrings below.

This series is not specially developed for changing clothes, but in fact, most of the cuff-if earrings can be changed.

Thankfully, the number of customers who collect cuff-if earrings/pierced earrings has increased little by little, and the number of consultations on combinations has also increased.

We will continue to release new products, but like the next distribution, we would like to introduce many recommended combinations with items you already have.

Please take a moment to relax on the last night of the consecutive holidays.

[Dress-up try-on/Instagram live distribution]
9/22 (Tue) 22:50-23:10
☞ It will be distributed within the cuff-if Instagram account

Currently, in cuff-if Instagram, live streaming and videos after streaming are saved so that they can be viewed.

Please take a look.

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