A metal allergy-friendly bracelet with the atmosphere of antique jewelry


A voluminous bracelet that is currently very popular. A perfect one-of-a-kind bracelet made from glass stones one by one, combined with vintage parts and unique natural stones.

*Both have been sold.

With cuff-if's original engraving pedestal as the main, cuff-if's whole body of masterpieces that carefully develop impactful designs and luxury.

So, until now, we have not released anything other than this voluminous type bracelet, but we will start small size bracelets from this fall and winter.

It all started with a desire to propose accessories other than ear accessories to people who have become a mask lifestyle and refrain from wearing accessories around their ears such as earrings and piercings.

・Necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and pins

It may be easy to use accessories around here. .

Actually, I started making a ring with a new form from this spring, and I was making it while carving it out of a mold by myself...
With the lifestyle of hand sanitizing everywhere, isn't it difficult to handle decorative rings when sanitizing hands in various places? I reconsidered and decided to put it on hold for the time being.

It's not a very fun situation to put on and take off your favorite ring while thinking about deterioration.

So, first of all, we decided to expand from outside the ring.

In particular, bracelets, like rings, are always in your field of vision, so it's an item that makes you happy to wear them.
Especially with the heat this year. It's also the season to worry about metal allergies when you sweat.

... So, we are developing a stainless steel bracelet that you can wear every day, so you won't develop metal allergies even if you wear it all the time!

A metal allergy-friendly bracelet with the atmosphere of antique jewelry. It's hard to find!

Since it is antique jewelry, the material of the old metal is unknown, so it can not be helped that it is not compatible with metal allergies. Until now, I thought so and gave up even if I found a nice antique jewelry.

Then you can make your own metal allergy free jewelry with an antique feel! That's how cuff-if started.

If you decide to I'm making a lot of prototypes right now.

All metal parts are made of stainless steel, which is safe for people with metal allergies.

We would like to add ease of use, so we would like to hear your opinions on the next Instagram live stream.

*I will ask you during the live stream whether the metal fittings of the bracelet should be a pull ring type or a snap type!

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